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The Embassy Of Fashion Designers International (EFDI) Was Founded In An Effort To Promote, Identify, Nurture, And Endorse Fashion Designers, Fashion Models, Fashion Photographers, And Those In The Fashion Art. This Dedication To Serve Is Accomplished Through Promoting International Cultural Exchange, Association, And Recognition Of Its Members Worldwide.

The EFDI Will Use Its Fashion Publication “EFDI Magazine” To Further The Art Of Fashion Design And Advance Its Artistic And Professional Standards, Establish And Maintain A Code Of Ethics And Practice Of Mutual Benefit In The Professional, Public And Trade Relations.

The Embassy of Fashion Designers International stage several annual Fashion events which includes, The Annual Foreign Affair Fashion Gala, Fashion Metamorphosis, The American Fashion Designers & Models Awards Gala, the Designers & Models New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball. Proceeds from these events will benefit the Embassy of Fashion Designers Fashion Students Scholarship Foundation.

THE FRESHEST FACES MODELS CLUB was founded to identify new male and female freshest faces models who are aspiring fashion models in the field or Runway Modeling and Print Modeling.
The Embassy of Fashion Designers International is now screening attractive Freshest Faces Male and Female Models with good attribute for Exposure and to make their debut in the fashion industry.
If selected Models will debut in several of EFDI’s annual shows, the cover of our events program cover, photo spread with several fashion designers for our new Fashion Magazine.
  1. No experience necessary
  2. Free training will be given.
  3. Models must NOT be currently signed with an agency.
For consideration, prospective models must meet the following criteria:
  1. AGE: 16 and 28 years old.
  2. HEIGHT REQUIREMENT FOR RUNWAY: Between 5’11” and 6’2″ tall without shoes.
  3. ATTRIBUTE: Attractive with good features.
  1. AGE: 16 and 28 years of Age
  2. HEIGHT REQUIREMENT FOR RUNWAY MODELING: Must be Between 5ft 8in and 5’11” or taller.
  3. ATTRIBUTES: Attractive with good features
THE CLUB MEMBERSHIP IS FREE AND IS OPEN TO: Young Up and coming Runway Models and Print Models who are interested in promoting their dream and make it into a reality.
Before submitting your membership application, you must first follow us on and like us on social media
for you application will be review and approve.


Please submit you application with a full body photograph and a headshot along with your information to:embassyoffashiondesigners@gmail.com 

On our website at:
www.embassyoffashiondesigners.com All Models Should Submit A Clear Headshot Along With the Following Information or your application will not be review or approved:


  1. You will receive free training.
  2. Introduced and recommend you to fashion designers and fashion show producers.
  3. All models who are accepted will be featured in EFDI new digital magazine.
  4. Selected models will be presented to the public during our annual awards presentation ceremonies.
  5. We will provide exposure through several designers’ seasonal debut fashion shows.
  6. May be selected for the front cover of EFDI Magazine.
  7. May be selected as a Spokes Model for Embassy of Fashion Designers International events.
  8. May be selected as model of the month/model of the year.
  9. May be selected to receive one of several awards.
  10. The clubs also recognizes its members through the annually American Fashion Designers and Models Awards Gala, the Designers and Models Ball and other Annual Debut Events.


Model Information Form

By submitting this form, you are consenting to be filmed for the purpose of promotional activities. I confirm that all the information supplied on this application form is true and accurate and consent to the terms and conditions set out. I am over 18 years of age.


The Embassy of Fashion Designers International, EFDI Magazine, Franzcewa Knox-Muschett or any of its representatives or events accepts no responsibility or does not insure or imply any degree of success in a modeling career.
By reading this material or by working with the Embassy of Fashion Designers International and EFDI Magazine or any of its representatives or participating in any of our events or photo shoots does not guarantee any exposure or fame. Degree of modeling success vary greatly dependent upon the attitudes, attributes, and ambition of each individual model.
Please thoroughly check out any information that are provided to you and always remember the model safety rules. Be Safe And Bring A Friend!

Please complete this form and return it with recent photograph/zed card and a bio or link to you social media


When we receive your information, we will contact you with further details. The Embassy of Fashion Designers International wish to thank you for your interest and submission. Thank You.